We are a small church of 30-40 people. When you come to visit us, you will find a group of loving, accepting people. We have a coffee and donuts fellowship time from 10:15 to 10:45 when our service starts. It runs until noon to 12:15. Children 1 year - 6th grade stay in the worship part of our service and go to children's church during the sermon.

Since we are small and limited on people with musical talents, we use inspirational, contemporary worship videos for our songs. Here is an example. Ten Thousand Reasons. We sing one hymn each service, and we often have a children's song just before the children are dismissed.

On the front of our church is a sign that says "Come As You Are". No need to dress up, but you may if you wish. Jeans or dress pants, tie or no tie, dress or slacks - all is fine. Mostly come as you are spiritually - whether depressed or joyful, new to the Bible or knowledgeable, new Christian or long-time server of Jesus Christ, questioning Christianity or solid in your faith - wherever you are in your spiritual walk, you are welcome.